Find Re-ment, Megahouse and miniature dollhouse toys from Japan. HarapekoDoggyBag has vintage 1976 and 80s Sanrio items, kawaii girly retro stationery, Japanese anime items such as Sailor Moon and figure toys and more.

What's Re-ment (Rement) ?

They're cute plastic Japanese dollhouse miniature ("miniature" = "puchi") toys with cute detail and design. Great for kawaii decotti or deco craft, jewelry design, miniature dioramas or decorating bonsai trees.

Old and new Re-ment miniature sizes vary though most Re-ment are 1:6 in scale. Other plastic miniatures vary in sizes.

Re-ment, Megahouse or other plastic miniature toys by Yujin, Bandai, Kaiyodo or Epoch are designed to match kawaii dolls (Neo Blythe, Petite Blythe, Pullip or Licca Chan) sold in Japan.

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