1990s : Japanese Comics Furoku : Stationery Lot

1990s : Japanese Comics Furoku : Stationery Lot
Item# JA_90_JC_F_Stationery_Lot

Product Description


Here is a set of Japanese Comics stationery.

The items from the set were part of various furoku packs from the 1990s.

The set includes :

1. A paper notebook.

2. A paper sticker sheet.

3. A plastic wallet.

4. Four paper book covers.

5. A letter set.

CONDITION : Overall the set is in good to excellent condition. All items have not been used. Due to age and handling, there is some wear and aging. The paper sticker sheet has some marks and yellow stains. The notebook has crease marks and aging marks. The plastic packaging for the letter set has wear.

Made in Japan.

Notebook Size : approximately 25.7 x 18 cm or 10.11 x 7.08 inches

***not recommended for kids under 12 years. Thanks for stopping by!

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